FBI Mug Shots Update

FBI Special Agent Robert Fitzpatrick

Boston, MA.

​Convicted:  Perjury (6 Counts)

                    Obstruction of Justice (6 Counts)

​Sentenced:  2 Years Probation

FBI Special Agent Robert Fitzpatrick pled guilty in Court to lying about his involvement with criminal James "Whitey" Bulger, who for many years worked with the FBI in Boston.

James "Whitey" Bulger - acting as an informant for the FBI, was allowed to commit various crimes in return, including murder. The FBI would often give Bulger confidential information, allowing him to continue his criminal activites and escape justice by fleeing to California.  He spent 16 Years as a fugitive, eventually being captured and sentenced to 2 Life Terms of Imprisonment.

FBI Special Agent Ryan Seese

Washington D.C.

​Convicted: Indecent Exposure

                    Criminal Tresspass

                    Invasion of Privacy

                    Disorderly Conduct

Sentenced: 1 Yr. Imprisonment (Arizona)

                    3 Years Imprisonment (Pa.)

                    5 Years Probation (Pa.)

FBI Special Agent Ryan Seese was first arrested at the University of Arizona for entering a Womens Bathroom Facility and Masturbating.  

FBI Special Agent Seese's sperm was found on a tissue in the bathroom linking him to the crime. After completing his sentence of 1 Year he moved to Pennsylvania.

FBI Special Agent Seese was later apprehended in Pennsylvania for entering the Hershey Middle School Girl's Gym and a nearby Women's Locker Room, for which he was sentenced to 3 Years Imprisonment and 5 Years Probation.