US Congressman Michael Grimm

Washington D.C.

​Convicted: Felony Tax Evasion

Admission: Lying in a 2013 Deposition

                    Employing Illegal Workers

Sentenced:  8 Months in Prison .

US Congressman Anthony Weiner

Washington DC

Convicted: Sexting Obscene Material To A Minor

Sentence:  21 Months In Prison

                  $10,000 Fine

                  Permanent Registration As Sex Offender

US Congressman Dennis Hastert

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.

​Convicted:  Pled Guilty to Structuring Bank Withdrawals

Admission: Sexually Molesting Four Boys (14 Yrs. Old)

​Sentenced:  15 Months In Prison, Fined $250,000​​

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