We work with our parent organization COPFOX -  in order to identify corrupt cops.

About Cop Mug Shots

Knowledge of Current Law

We are at the forefront of ever-changing laws and work closely with experts in the fields of Law, Business and Education in order to enhance our ability to identify corruption in the Criminal Justice System..


Advantage of Reporting Known Pedophiles

We encourage citizens to report known Police Officer Pedophiles directly to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children Cybertipline.

Comprehensive Analysis of Police Matters and Corruption 

Often, Police Departments will knowingly hire and promote those who are engaged in criminal activity; with the full support of local politicians and Judges. This conspiracy within the Criminal Justice System promotes corruption, and allows criminal conduct by Police Officers to go unpunished.


Diverse Experience

We strive to utilized our diverse experience and expertise to identify and expose criminal conduct in Police Organizations; in order to safeguard children.

What We Offer

Solutions Overview Offered by Cop Mug Shots and COPFOX

We’re committed to identifying and incarcerating Police Officers, Federal Agents and Judges who sexually exploit children. Today, there exist an epidemic of sexual deviancy in Police Departments across America.  Often it is inspired and encouraged by Chiefs of Police who themselves are engaged in nefarious activities.


Our team at Cop Mug Shots has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing the public with information regarding corrupt Police Officers..

Personal Solutions

By providing the public with updated facts on Public Corruption and Police Deviancy, we safeguard families and travel. 

Community Solutions

Every year thousands of corrupt Police Officers are convicted of rape, and other crimes, costing billions.